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Robina Kennedy


Yes, you DO CARE and are friendly, helpful and go the extra mile

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What our clients say


Carolyn and Susan


In August of this year (2019) we decided it was the right time to get some extra help for our parents. 

Our dad is now totally blind and our mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about a year ago.

Mum was still very keen to get out and about, going shopping, having lunches out or walking, whilst dad needed some time to himself with someone who could take control of his paperwork, chat with him and take him to see old friends.

Thank goodness we found Sarah and Celine of Caring Connections; they have brought new life to our parents and are an amazing support for us both. 

Sarah and Celine are both caring, kind, thoughtful, honest and communicate with us regularly to let us know how mum and dad are and what they have been up to.

Thank you to you both; you are invaluable.

What our clients say


Jenny and David


Celine is warm, friendly, so helpful and hard working! She is punctual and dedicated. 

We previously had a firm of carers, who were okay, but sadly kept being late, sometimes not even turning up, and kept changing who came, all of which was really unsettling for our mother.

We are so grateful for the wonderful care Celine is providing. Our mother is so much more relaxed and happy in Celine's care.

We whole heartedly recommend Celine! 

What our clients say



Granddaughter to Margaret


My grandmother recommended Caring Connections to me when I needed another pair of hands after my second baby was born. 

Sarah is an absolute treasure and my girls adore her. We have all looked forward to the days when she has visited and she has shown such kindness as well as giving practical support. Thank you very much Sarah.

I would highly recommend Caring Connections.

What our clients say





Caring Connections was recommended to me by a friend of mine, whose mother could not sing their praises highly enough. From the first moment Celine from Caring Connections walked through the door of my parents house they fell for her. They are very private and independent people and were reluctant when I suggested they could do with a little help with the running of their home. Celine was so empathetic and caring and always went above and beyond whatever was asked of her. My parents soon looked forward to her visits and she became an invaluable member of our family.

Just recently, sadly, my father became gravely ill. This was a very traumatic time for us all. Without having Celine running around in the background giving us her immense support I just don’t know how we could have coped. From supplying copious drinks and sustenance to shopping, cleaning and comforting whenever needed, Celine was our hero and amazing friend.
Sadly dad passed away last week so my mum, having lived with dad for nearly 70 years, is now secure in the knowledge that Caring Connections will be right there with their unfailing support for as long as she needs them.

This is a huge relief to all the family. We are a close and caring family who are delighted that we have found such a wonderful concern. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help and kindness xx

What our clients say





Mum was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and with Dad also recently in a care home unable to walk I needed carers I could rely on, to not only turn up on time, but also to actually look after mum. 

The carers needed to lift mums spirits and interact with her in the correct manner. Celine and Sarah came highly recommended by a friend in a similar situation. 

The ladies are fantastic..they really couldn't be better. Professional but friendly, efficient but kind, punctual and caring.

I would certainly recommend Caring Connections to anyone in need of carers you can trust with your loved ones.

What our Clients say




Sarah and Celine of Caring Connections are two very friendly ladies who are always willing to carry out any task asked of them, from taking me to a doctor's or dentist appointment, to getting odd items of shopping. They are also happy to do simple household chores such as emptying the dishwasher to setting the tumble dryer. 

It is nice and reassuring to have one of them calling in each day to check that I am ok.

When I came out of hospital, they even organised local overnight care so that I could remain in my own home. 

What our clients say




We can not recommend the ladies at Caring Connections enough. After going through many care agencies, we were delighted to come across Celine, Lizzy and Sarah. They each visit our Mum once a week and she looks forward to every visit. They now feel like part of our extended family and we love the way care for our Mum. Whether it be a manicure, hair wash or just some friendly conversation, there's nothing these fabulous ladies can't do! We are 100% confident with leaving Mum in their capable hands and would not hesitate to recommend them enough.  If you are looking for some friendly, caring, loving ladies to help you  out, then look no further! we love them.

What our clients say


Mrs Mavis Smith


The Carers from Caring Connections have always been punctual, helpful and kind. I would gladly recommend them to anyone needing care.



I was the first client when Celine and Sarah started Caring Connections up. They have been with me ever since. They are very reliable in every way and their punctuality is beyond reproach. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they are willing to do anything you ask and it is always done to a very high standard. In an emergency they are willing to sort out any problems and I highly recommend their service. 



What our clients say





Caring Connections offered wonderful care to my elderly father - Sarah and her colleagues looked after him in my home, offering him companionship and really understanding care. Caring Connections are reliable, conscientious and genuinely care for their clients. I would recommend Caring Connections to anyone looking for care at home for a loved one.